Service Agreement

Chilled Semen Contract

If you wish to apply, we can provide you with a hard copy via our




Telephone_________________________  Mobile________________________________


Nominated mare ___________________________________________________________

Date of Birth_____________________________


I/We agree to the following conditions:

The address of the semen will be sent after payment of $______________ which is the nominated Service Fee for the following Bellhaven Stud Stallion:


The address the Semen must be sent to__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please note: the arrangements must be made prior to collection of semen as to how you would like it delivered.

The nominated mare must be examined by ultrasound scanner between 14 to 18 days after each examination, and Bellhaven Stud must be immediately informed of the result. Further examinations after 30 and 45 days are advised.

If the nominated mare fails to produce a live foal (48 hours standing and suckling), a vert certificate must be forwarded to Bellhaven Stud. However, all costs incurred (including the Collection and Freight) are to be borne by the mare owner.

The service cannot be transferred to a third party. No money will be funded.

In the case of an embryo transfer, the owner of the mare will pay per embryo.

It is further agreed that should the said Bellhaven Stud Stallion _____________________________  be unavailable for any reason whatsoever before serving the said mare, of it the said mare named in this contract dies or becomes unfit to be served, then this contract shall be rendered and null avoid and service fee and usage fee will be returned to the Owner.

The Owner agrees to pay all charges applicable to the broodmare and/or any progeny.